July 2017

Fire Fighters Returnable Bottle Bin

As a fundraising activity, the Jocelyn Fire Fighters have a returnable bottle bin located at the Jocelyn Township Landfill.   We would like to remind everyone, that only pop cans, liquor bottles and Canadian beer bottles are accepted.  If you are uncertain where you item(s) should go, please ask one of the Landfill Attendants.  Thank you for your support.


Share Shed

Jocelyn Township Council would like to thank those individuals who have supported the Jocelyn Township Share Shed.  Monetary donations have been received over the years at the Share Shed and as a result, those funds have been forwarded to the St. Joseph Island Food Bank.  However, Jocelyn Council wishes to advise that the Jocelyn Landfill Share Shed will not be accepting large quantities of boxes at one time due to limited space within the Share Shed and limited staff time required to sort through the multiple boxes received.  Small quantities of useable items will still be accepted.    Generally, the items are brought in with hopes to help the Food Bank, but broken or excess items end up being dumped in the Jocelyn Landfill.  Please consider other agencies that may benefit from your donations when we are not able to accept your items.  Thank you again for your ongoing support and understanding.